Multibillion dollar Nuclear, Energy and Power provider achieves compliance and keeps auditors happy using Sequel InfoTech and services

Customer Snapshot

  • Client is a FORTUNE 100 company that works in every stage of the energy​ business: power generation, competitive energy sales, transmission and delivery
  • Client already has Oracle IAM 11gR1 solution up and running in Production. They want to upgrade to the latest Oracle IAM 11gR2 PS2 version parallel to their existing Oracle IAM 11gR1 and
  • Integrate with business applications,
  • Integrate with new upgraded AD Domain,
  • New Upgraded Exchange,
  • new upgraded PeopleSoft and accommodate additional set of user accounts,
  • Include all the existing customization and define new processes and request catalog mechanism,
  • Additionally, design and implement Disaster Recovery and High Availability solution,
  • Include all the existing 30 application certifications and add additional 60 applications for compliance.
cooling tower of nuclear power plant and agriculture field

Problem Statement

  • Existing IAM solution based on OIM 11gR1 was getting obsolete and needed to be upgraded as soon as possible. Many functionalities in the newer version could be utilized at Client due to their growth, merger and change in business processes
  • Home grown access request tool was limited to provide fully audited transactions of access request and approval process. Bringing those functionalities into the newer version of IAM solution was critical
  • Access Certification and closed loop remediation process was lacking to have better control on the identities and their accesses
  • Existing IAM solution infrastructure was limited and needed to be upgraded and scaled. In addition, Highly Available Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for IAM platform needed to be designed and implemented
  • Feed process needed to be redesigned to improvise performance and data quality

Technology Used

  • Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11gR2 PS2,
  • Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) 11g R1,
  • Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher 11gR1
  • CA SiteMinder R12.5

Implemented Solution

  • Built functional and technical design of the newer IAM solution based on OIM 11gR2 PS2 version that included physical architecture based on sizing formulas, logical process flows, impacts, use cases, integration with several target systems
  • Redefined the PeopleSoft feed process
  • Designed and implemented the complex workflow process that includes escalation type approvals
  • Designed and Implemented the Highly Available Disaster Recovery solution
  • Designed the Single Sign On solution using CA SiteMinder R12.5
  • Prepared Test Plans, Project Plans, Task List, Effort Estimations (LOE), Cost Estimators
  • Defined and designed Access Certification process using OIA 11gR1 solution
  • Designed and Implemented Closed Loop Remediation process for immediate revocation between Certification and Provisioning process with target systems.
  • Incorporated the home-grown access request process in the IAM solution design and provided implementation services using OIM 11gR2 PS2.
  • Worked with Client’s stakeholders, data owners, DBAs, project sponsors, system administrators, application owners to gather requirements, information and details of current and upgrade system and make it successful project at all levels.

Benefits of the Solution

  • No more need to go on two systems for for various application’s Access Request
  • Workflow process got streamlined with correct routing and approval levels
  • Catalog search in OIM 11gR2 PS2 for self-service access request process got improvised
  • Proper Training that includes web conferences, help videos and guides helped Client to quickly adapt the change in the IAM platform
  • Onboarding and offboarding process became automated, smooth and fast
  • Monitoring process of the IAM solution got better
  • Internal user experience and convenience got significantly better
  • Compliance and governance became tighter and cleaner due to the new IAM solution using Oracle IAM suite
  • Disaster Recovery for the IAM solution helped Client to achieve the 5 9’s SLA
  • Single Sign On solution using CA SiteMinder integrated with OIM’s Identity Lifecycle Management provided an ease of SSO
  • OOTB and Custom reports from Oracle BI Publisher helped the Client’s Security team to produce accurate reports to their auditors

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