Largest Air Transport Solution Provider’s IAM solution for Transformation from Mainframe to Web based applications using Oracle platform was done by Sequel

Customer Snapshot

  • Client is leader in air transport industry and has continued to operate at the forefront of technology.
  • Client delivers and manage business solutions for airline, airport, GDS, government and other customers over the world’s most extensive network, which forms the communications backbone of the global air transport industry. As part of upgrading its business infrastructure, Client has taken initiatives to build a robust, secure, intelligent and modern solution for their customers.
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Problem Statement

  • Client needed transforming current mainframe applications and systems to latest technologies with secure business flows.
  • Identity and Access Management needed to provide authentication, authorization, administration, auditing, single sign on secure token, secure services, etc. to different internal and external applications.
  • Scalability, Interoperability, High Availability, High Performance on limited network bandwidth were some of the critical requirements for Client to provide this service to their customers.
  • Lack of Compliance, Role based access control and attestation.
  • Lot of manual and slow processes with no security.
  • Lack of user and password management with self-service.

Technology Used

  • Oracle Entitlement Server 11g
  • Oracle Identity Manager 11g
  • Oracle Access Manager 11g
  • Oracle Identity Analytics 11g
  • Oracle Service Bus 11g
  • Oracle Internet Directory 11g
  • Oracle Weblogic 11g
  • Oracle Entitlement Server with custom policies and provide strong authentication using Oracle Access Manager.
  • Building faster and efficient service system using Oracle Service Bus.

Benefits of the Solution

  • PCI compliant systems for better customer assurance.
  • Fast, flexible, reliable and modern systems with strong in-built security.
  • Improved technologies and outcomes
  • Aligned and orchestrated processes flows
  • Better user experience
  • Better solution to offer to customers with great confidence on security
  • Ease of use with adequate automation

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