Multi-Billion Telecommunication Giant chose Sequel for ForgeRock IAM’s Development and Operational Support

Customer Snapshot

  • Multinational Telecommunication solution provider is a LTE mobile network operator in India
  • They had engaged Sequel to develop, support and monitor the existing Open Source Versions of OpenAM, its enhancements, Monitoring Dashboard and Identity and Access Management (IAM) code that have been developed. The IAM system is currently installed across over 50 servers.

Problem Statement

  • Client’s IAM infrastructure and solution needed continuous development, enhancement and most importantly support for about 1 billion users
  • Need of Support for existing IAM Release code, OpenAM 10 software and its heavy customizations
  • Recommendations needed for the IAM related IT systems
  • Need for SLA was 99.999 aka 5 9’s
  • Need for 24*7*365 operational support in three Tier model

Technology Used

  • ForgeRock OpenAM
  • ForgeRock OpenDJ
  • ForgeRock OpenIDM

Implemented Solution

  • Sequel’s Support at Client followed an ITIL service operation based follow-the-sun model which defined the methodology for using service desks and support groups around the world to provide seamless 24/7 service. Severity 1 and Severity 2 Calls, incidents, problems and service requests were passed between Sequel’s support groups across multiple regions.
  • Issued tickets were prioritized and worked according to the severity level
  • Web, Email and Phone support was provided
  • Accelerated SLAs to provide high priority software fixes around the clock was provided
  • Business Reviews and Strategic Planning was conducted to discuss deployment optimizations, feature enhancements, and product adaptations.
  • Sequel’s Penetration Testers scanned and manually pen-tested IAM environment looking for the presence of OWASP Top ten vulnerabilities.
  • Deployment of IAM solution in all upper environments (Pre-Prod and Prod) were enhanced and modified to automated scripting to avoid human errors
  • Support was provided for REST Layer, Authentication, Authorization, Federation and Identity Layer using SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect, Web Agent and REST for mobile, internal, B2B and B2C users

Benefits of the Solution

  • About 1 billion satisfied client users that relied on the stable IAM solution for authentication, authorization, federation platform
  • Client received best dedicated Tiered based support from Sequel for managing and supporting the ForgeRock IAM solution as per their SLA needs
  • Development and Enhancements to the IAM solution went smooth following the best practices and methodology
  • Deployment and Support of IAM solution that is Highly available with DR and Replication with multiple data centers in multiple regions

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