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Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity Life Cycle Management

Sequel’s identity management solutions enable your organization to transform digitally with complete security and automation. Our solutions expertise improves productivity while addressing your Identity and Access Management challenges with on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.

Whether employees, contractors, contingent workers, customers, or partners, each relationship with your organization has its own unique identity—and unique access requirements such as accounts, entitlements, resources, special permissions, and privileged rights. Keeping each of these up-to-date is often a highly manual, complex process and many times lacks proper administration, daily management, processes and efficient technologies.

With more than 25 combined years of successful professional services expertise, proven methodologies and technical capabilities, our wide range of IAM services fulfill all the identity and access management needs of your organization.

From onboarding through termination, our custom-tailored end-to-end Identity Life Cycle Management solutions ensure your policies are consistently applied across all applications and systems, helping you to increase efficiency, improve productivity, improve security, streamline compliance and improve your organizational agility.

Our solution set includes:

  • Automated User Provisioning & Deprovisioning
  • Self-service Access Request
  • Self-service Password Reset
  • Approval Workflows
  • Identity Governance
  • Access Governance and Certification
  • Delegated Administration
  • Adhering to industry best practices and regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA
  • Integration with On-Premises applications, SaaS applications/services such as Google Apps, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, Azure, Workday, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Whether your application, system, database or mainframe systems is standard, custom or home-grown, hosted in your Data Center or in private or public cloud, we have integrated our Identity Life Cycle Management solution with all, so you can be rest assured it will be a perfect fit for your needs.

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

The business-to-consumer (B2C) use case focuses on IAM to on-premises and cloud-based web applications for consumers.

Social identity integration can significantly enhance a consumer’s user experience by reducing login and account creation friction, and also by providing attributes that enable a website to provide a richer, more personalized experience, in turn deepening customer intimacy. The authentication capability is also required heavily because many organizations will need additional assurance that the end user is a real person or is a specific individual. This is particularly important in situations where the end user will have access to sensitive information that will require some level of step-up authentication or adaptive access processing.

Finally, profile and password management is weighted heavily for the B2C use case since this capability is essential to rounding out a secure, unified and compelling customer experience.

Social identity integration includes support for social registration, social login and social identity linking with organization-managed identities for common social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, VK, QQ, Weibo, LinkedIn and others. In a typical B2C use case, permission-based user data is automatically captured as part of a social login, an identity provider’s authentication process or a registration process.

Sequel’s team of CIAM experts has strong experience dealing with such B2C use cases. Partnered with the strong, robust and highly rated CIAM solution providers, Sequel’s team delivers solution such as:

  • Registration-as-a-Service
  • Social Login
  • Engagement & Loyalty
  • Profile Management
  • Regulation & Compliance
  • Hygiene & Governance
  • Customer Insights
  • Identity Access & SSO
  • Identity Exchange Partner Program

Benefits of our solution:

  • Centrally manage user authentication across websites and applications.
  • Deploy a centrally managed user authentication system
  • Manage and maintain global security policies with regards to password requirements
  • Offer modern authentication methods including social and biometrics out-of-the-box
  • Reduce overhead managing data and transactions between systems.
  • Maintain identity data relationships between 3rd party technologies with pre-built integrations
  • Stay compliant with regional data residency requirements and social network terms of service
  • Easily control data structures through a centralized API, console and ETL layer
  • Improve the User Experience
  • Increase Top Line Growth
  • Reduce Cost & Resource Expenditure

Fine-grained control of access

Often your organization need to manage and control access of their information and resources on fine grained basis based on your compliance, regulatory & business requirements. Implementing fine-grained authorization and access control means organizations can focus on a more holistic view of security. This increases your company’s ability to respond quickly to changing business conditions or business processes, and makes your enterprise more agile as a result.

While URL-based coarse-grained authorization can be enforced using conventional web access management solutions, fine-grained authorization decisions are typically enforced at application run-time. For instance, if access to confidential data (such as user’s Social Security Number) is granted to a user only if he meets certain conditions, then those checks are typically performed at run-time. This led to complexities with building security for applications. It also led to a joint evolution of security policies with application logic which negatively impacted developer productivity

Sequel’s team provide solution that goes deeper in discovering, externalizing, extracting and then granting and managing fine grained control for such mission critical information and resources that exist in your organization. We implement rich and refine policies that takes care of multiple and complex access conditions. With our fine-grained control of access solution, we provide you total access control of your underlying services and data so you don’t run short whenever an unauthorized user access to a protected URL and you loose all further control.

Single Sign On

Single Sign on is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials (e.g., name and password) to access multiple applications. The adoption of Single Sign-On (SSO) solution by organization continues to grow as it provides a single set of secure credentials for each user that enables access to all relevant applications and data, whether behind the firewall or via the cloud, on any device, at any location. The benefits are greater productivity, reduced Help Desk calls, more-efficient authentication processes and greater convenience, better user satisfaction and experience.

Sequel has implemented the SSO solution along with Web Access Management to protect critical information and resources at several Fortune 1000 clients that covers small, medium and large organizations by using the leading technology platform both open source or proprietary software. Using best practices in conjunction with our partners’ technology, we’ll help you determine what is the best levels of authentication based on user’s roles, what is the best methodology for your organization’s adoption of Single Sign On solution whether your users are accessing internal or SaaS based applications and what is the most secure way for this deployment.

Our solution that we continuously deliver at various clients include:

  • Providing SSO solution for On-Premises applications such as SharePoint, Fortify, SAS Visual Analytics, AppDynamics and many more
  • Providing SSO solution for internal employees accessing third party cross domain federated applications as Identity Provider (IdP) such as Success Factors, eLearning, ADP, Health Benefits, WebEx, Office 365, ServiceNow, JIRA, Box, hosted SharePoint, Azure based applications, AWS hosted applications and many more
  • Providing SSO solution for external users accessing organizations business applications as Service Provider (SP) using B2B cross domain federation using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), OAuth, OpenID, Security Tokens (Simple Web Tokens, JSON Web Tokens, and SAML assertions), Web Service Specifications, Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, and Windows Identity Foundation.

Role Management & Access Certification

Are you one of the organization that goes through constant change in job functions? Are you one of the organizations that goes through Mergers and Acquisitions? Are the individuals who access your organizations’ systems and applications has proper access based on segregation of their duties? These questions will help you determine your need to have access control in place that is based on roles, rules, attributes, groups, etc. Ensuring that the right users have the correct access to the proper resources, apps, and information and nothing more than that is one of the key issues auditors find in organizations.

Sequel offers a carefully designed and deployed role management and access certification solution that makes it easier to manage the assignment of fine-grain permissions, map users with their job functions with resources, run Certificate Campaigns, define and implement Segregation of Duties (SoD), etc. in your organization. We provide automation and closed-loop remediation solution using COTS tool that maintain tight security in your organization and makes sure that only authorized users are granted correct access at any given time.

The initiative for role management and access certification projects, like any other security initiatives, should be top-down approach and be built from bottom-up. It needs lot of years of experience to build custom tailored solution for your complex environment and issues. Sequel uses its strong native and extensive experience with the technologies to build strong scalable solution and has been successful, from this solution’s inception, with large and medium sized clients.

Advanced Authentication

Having one level of authentication such as username and password is common practice to authenticate your organization’s user to the protected resource. But have you thought of what happens if and when this one level of authentication gets compromised? You don’t want this to happen specially for your business-critical applications and systems. Sequel’s advanced authentication solution is flexible, scalable solution with both strong multi-factor authentication and risk-based methods like device identification, geolocation and user activity.

Sequel leverages your existing basic authentication if you have one or build solution that encompasses both single factor and multi factor authentication to achieve most advanced authentication that is strong in security. We develop custom tailored solution that is advanced and seamless for the end user that is accessing your devices, platforms, systems both internally or externally. Our solution is complete adaptive that challenges the user with more questions, biometric levels or using One Time Passcode (OTP), whenever the system finds suspicious login attempts thereby making harder and harder to hack your systems and applications.

Privileged Credentials

Have you thought what can happen if you don’t have access management and control to your most privileged accounts in your organization? The misuse or abuse of the privileged accounts has caused organizations and business millions of dollars and their brand spoiled. Lack of access management and control for Privileged accounts is one of the leading factor in the recent security breaches. What the hacker or attacker do once they have acquired any organization’s privileged credentials? They impersonate, hide their presence and existence, exploit the security gaps and causes the maximum damage for any organization.

Sequel’s privileged access management solution, based on leading technology vendor in the current market, has successfully saved hundreds and thousands of such privileged accounts from getting compromised. Our privileged access management solution is complete and comprehensive as it easily integrates with Advanced Authentication solution for added and adaptive layer of security and Identity Management solution for automated privileged account management. Also, our solution takes the need to remember and type the password for privileged accounts out, thereby solving the big and critical issue of privileged account password reset.

With privileged access management, one thing is very important and that is keep the change of access mode for the privileged account holders as minimum as possible, when the solution is implemented. Users with privileged credentials don’t like to change the way they access Windows, UNIX or Mainframe systems. Sequel very well understands this and provide solution that is strong secured and also widely acceptable at your organization.


Can your organization build solution without robust and scalable directory platform that is based X500 compliant LDAP protocol? We understand that along with the databases, you need directory platform that is easily accessible, fast with lightning speed to retrieve records and has large storage. Sequel’s team delivers unparalleled design, fully integrated with rapid deployment of directory solution to both large and small organizations. We have successfully designed and implemented both simple LDAP based directories and also virtual directories for virtually accessing various LDAP directories in any organization.

Sequel’s team provides a full range of Directories solution that includes:

  • Analyzing the requirements and gaps
  • Attribute and Object Class mapping
  • Architecture and designing
  • Building Migration strategies and roadmaps
  • Building custom directories
  • Designing Fully replicated directory
  • Application integrations
  • Automating deployments
  • Performance tuning and monitoring

API Security

Sequel’s API Security services experience combined with our more than decade of experience in Identity, Access and Governance Management areas, provide organizations the ability to expose and market their application as APIs for mobile, cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) space. With well-designed and implemented API Security solutions in On-Premise or on cloud API deployment that includes API authentication, authorization, auditing and administration, our professional services based on major API management platforms in the market, ensure the best API security solution.

Our solution set for API security includes:

  • API Authentication and Authorization
  • API Monitoring
  • API Reporting and Analytics
  • API Threat Protection
  • Service Orchestration, Mediation and Transformation

Data Security

Data security refers to protective digital privacy measures that are applied to prevent unauthorized access to computers, databases and websites. Data security also protects data from corruption. Protecting your data assets from external attacks and insider threats, ensure regulatory compliance and address strong encryption requirements are some of the key in providing best fitted Data Security solution to your organization.

Sequel’s team of data security experts understand that Data security is one of the main priority for organizations of every size and genre and compromising on data assets can lead to putting your organization’s brand at risk. We have over decade years of experience helping and protecting organizations by providing services that includes:

  • making regular backups of files
  • using system of passwords so that access to data is restricted, controlled and managed
  • allowing only authorized users into certain areas where critical information is stored
  • applying data encryption techniques to important data assets
  • applying data masking to specific data within a database table or cell to ensure that data security is maintained and sensitive information is not exposed to unauthorized personnel
  • applying appropriate solution to minimize daily operations disruption

Our typical deliverables include:

  • Requirements gathering, analysis and design
  • Assessment Report of database environments
  • Industry specific compliance requirements evaluations using best practices
  • Building roadmaps
  • High-availability data security solution

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics provides a detailed audit trail of identity-related transactions and a set of predefined, out-of-the-box reports and dashboards as well as the ability to mine identity and activity data to enable actionable, context-specific insight.

Our reporting and analytics solution, partnered with leading data visualization and reporting tools, goes beyond the reporting of just IAM or security to create data visualizations and dashboards that answer most important questions and story that lives within your enterprise data. This turns data into actionable insights across all aspects of your business.

Features include:

  • Intuitive web interface
  • Drill down capabilities
  • Several filters
  • Email and SLA notifications
  • Prebuilt data connectors
  • Easy to install and use by any level of organization

Sequel’s reporting and analytics solution is a powerful remedy that brings together data from multiple vendors and multiple enterprise applications—each with its own reporting interface—into a single, consolidated business view instantly. You can pull together and display data from enterprise systems like Security management, IT service management, IT asset management, Client management and more. You can easily report daily operations activity or roll up to business value dashboards and then drill down to focus on the more intricate needs of security analysts. This self-service solution enables anyone to view and create reports and business-value executive dashboards without coding. Even those with limited technical or analytical knowledge can quickly extract data, create dashboards, and view actionable insights. This self-service solution enables anyone to view and create reports and business-value executive dashboards without coding.

The value of timely dashboards with relevant data cannot be overstated. Using intuitive, easy-to-interpret visualizations, these dashboards help you quickly determine:

  • The current security state of where you are
  • If you’re on track to meet objectives
  • What changes or fine-tuning are required to stay on-course

Sequel’s value-based dashboards and reports targeted for either security or business users are a requirement for every modern organization to drive performance efficiencies, facilitate business strategy, optimize security processes, monitor trends, and quickly identify new opportunities or risks.

Sequel InfoTech is a reputed Identity & Access Management Solution Provider serving commercial clients and government agencies throughout Atlanta and the nation.

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